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D3, Swine Flu And A Few Other Things: Summary of Findings.

October 5th, 2009 No comments

UPDATE: launched. All future info on D3 will be published there.

D3 is a potent hormone which acts on many body systems.

70 per cent or so – more than 1 in 3 westerners do not have enough in their bodies. This is because of modern living and hence this widespread shortage of “Vitamin” D3 is causally associated with many widespread modern diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma and other allergies and auto-imune diseases.

Nothing gets worse quicker than if you starve the body of Vitamin D3 and if you feed it D3 the body stays well. Of course a balanced diet and trips to your physician do not replace a simple supplement. But they can help.

Get your serum D3 measured by the doc and aim for something around the 90 level. Take supplements to keep to that. In spring start taking the sun in moderate dose so you build a healthy tan whilst never burning.

Avoid sunscreen. It does not lead to healthy habits with the sun or stop skin cancer and it does stop D3 production. So in the summer, if you do this, reduce your supplementation. Take repeat blood tests.

D3 shortage is also associated with depression, seasonal affectve disorder and schizophrenia.

Index of articles written to date on D3:

Doctors Don’t Even Act On What They Know.

A visit to my doctor shocked me …

Vitamin D3: “It’s Not Just for Flu .. It’s For Life”. All Pregnant Asian Women In UK And Their Children Could Benefit From D3 Supplements.

All pregnant Asian women in the UK have healthier babies when supplemented with D3 .. published in 1980 .. and still they do not recommend supplementation for Asian women ….

D3 and Swine Flu: Proof Of Benefits From US Medical Centre And Testimony Of The Dangers of Vaccination

1 from 125 standing residents of a neurological facility in Wisconsis got ILI (Influenza Like illness – possibly Swine flu, in this case confirmed).

Yet 114 out of 803 staff contracted ILI. Many were confirmed to have Swine Flu. The difference? The patients were regularly monitored for D3 blood levels and supplemented .. whilst the staff were not …. And some conspiracy stuff about Swine Flu …

Vitamin D3 and Flu Including “Swine Flu”.

Another physician confirms D3 supplementation lead to a total absense of Swine Flu in her patients whilst a doctor sharing the office was innundated with cases …

Vitamin D3, Flu, Cancer, Colds, Asthma, Crohns, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Oh .. and Depression and Schizophrenia and Many More.

The first piece that pulled together all the stuff I found in a rather random way … BUT .. it has a great VIDEO PLAYLIST that will inform you well.