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Prevelance Of Dissociative Disorders Higher Than Thought.

November 16th, 2006 No comments

Dissociative Identity Disorder and other disorders on the dissociative scale are commonly misdiagnosed and are not even believed in by some hard line psychiatrists. I have heard suggested that most persons suffering dissociative disorders spend an average of fourteen years interacting with mental health services before reaching a correct diagnosis- if at all.

In my estimation, probably a majority of the clients of mental health services, whatever name or label their “problem” has been awarded, are suffering a problematic level of dissociation. Usually this is as a direct result of learned dissociation through repression of memories of sexual abuse in Childhood.

Schizophrenia would seem to be dissociative identity order left to fester to the point where other identities are screaming for attention and there is no one centre of self strong enough to contain the others and meet their needs. Personality disorders are the same on a less obvious scale, Psychosis is when the mind needs madness to continue the dissociation.

If this is true we would actually be a lot better off if we stopped medicating and treating “psychiatrically” the majority of mental health users. If there was a well trained body of persons skilled at dealing with dissociative clients and funding for them to work we would, as a community, suffer less problems all round.

Quite how prevalent are these disorders? No one really knows. However, labelling someone as mentally ill is much easier for society to deal with than facing up to the barbarity of the way we live and dealing with that. So it is a good bet that around 40% of the population suffer.