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British Bank Bailout: Why It Will Fail, Offshore Havens, Rich Stealing Everything – How To Solve The Credit Crunch, And Why You Must Wake Up.

February 26th, 2009 No comments

The bank bail outs will fail for a simple reason. Their intention is to get lending flowing again. Unfortunately markets have inherent innefficiencies and one of them is the corporation. The corporation is selfish. The bail out money being used by stronger banks is being used to consolidate and expand portfolio’s whilst offloading toxic assets to the government – and ultimately you. Meanwhile neither you nor your employer are finding easier access to money. Why? Because you are a bad credit risk. The bank has been saved but you are still stuffed.

The efficient route to solve this issue would have involved two steps:

STEP 1) For the last twenty five years huge sums of wealth have moved beyond any scrutiny. The wealth of the wealthy is underestimated and the discrepancy with the poor understated. Tax havens such as Panama – where it is illegal to ask who owns a company – are used by the British Crown and all other super wealthy people and organisations. This tax avoidance has resulted in a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor and from the government to the corporation. This is the only reason the differential has worsened constantly and considerably and why governments are bust.

This redistribution has to be reversed. All offshore havens should be subjected to international law to reveal the ultimate owners of all assets immediately. After collating the account data, identified persons with an excess of $10 million liquid assets or greater should be subjected to a progressive taxation of liquid assets starting at 50% and rising to 99% at $100 million. This would raise a one off tax levy in the trillions of dollars. Anyone caught avoiding or aiding persons in avoiding the incorporation of their assets and income into the tax base in any way must get a mandatory 10 year gaol sentence with no luxury.

STEP 2) Redistributing this revenue by writing down all debt on a progressive basis of individuals and businesses would achieve:

a) Allowing people to stay in their homes, feel secure and participate in the economy.

b) Revalue the toxic securities immediately – even the most toxic would be almost fully paid down by the debt write off payments and restored to 100% value.

c) Restore banking confidence, support underlying asset markets including bonds, stocks and commodities.

d) Facilitate banks to lend to business in moderation.

e) Keep small, medium and large businesses in operation whilst allowing a slow re-structuring of innefficient business over time.

f) Not leave the government – and ultimately you – with huge debts.

g) Not increase the money supply leading to inflationary pressures and bubble effects.

This will not happen because the actual plan of the people making the decisions leading to government action is to enrich the banks, collapse the middle classes, tread down the poor and consolidate global power over energy, communications, food and information – through the consolidated banks.

Such an integration of industry and government is called national socialism, or fascism. It is a dangerous beast. Especially when the public government is merely a puppet of the real government, which is the case unless you live in one of a very few places on Earth.

The way out is to take sovereignty over your life. Learn to meditate, centre yourself, then take right action. Reduce spending, pay debts, then whilst stocks remain on shelves buy those things you can grow, eat, barter or use to survive and defend yourslef if the system is deliberately collapsed in order to fully wrench all semblance of freedom from your life.

Liberty will prevail and tyrrany will fall because they are few and we are multitude. Wake up.


Dear Prime Minister Brown: I Warned You, USA Threatens UK: What A Lovely “Special Relationship”.

February 5th, 2009 No comments

Six days ago I warned Gordon Brown how highly the USA truly values the UK and what he must do:

Gordon Brown: Please stop pussying around and get on with it. You may be under threat from America if you don’t toe the line: stop being stupid because once they have emptied our government’s coffers you will be dropped so drop them first. Let America sink, reprice Oil in Euros’s: start the trend by passing an immediate law that says Brent Crude must be priced in Euro’s. That will help us get into the Euro within the year at a decent exchange rate and help us decouple from America before the end of 2009.

Yesterday we have this headline in the Guardian Newspaper:

“US threats mean evidence of British resident’s Guantánamo torture must stay secret, judges rule”

Evidence of how a British resident held in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp was tortured, and what MI5 knew about it, must remain secret because of serious threats the US has made against the UK, the high court ruled today.

Little did I realise the threats were already coming when I wrote that piece. Now we all know the USA has lots of dirty secrets on UK politicians and bigwigs. Don’t be scared Mr Brown for now is the time to just tell them to where to shove it. They have been bullying the world and have a pathological fear of not being in control.

Stop being a puppy on the leash Mr Brown, you are being dragged to your own beheading. You seem to have forgotten you are not Tony Blair.

Reports surfaced last year concerning Blair’s protection of elite paedophile rings within government circles and his possible blackmailing by US forces in return for support for the Iraq war. While the activities of paedophiles operating with impunity in the higher echelons of power has long been known, the necessity to blackmail Tony Blair into support by threatening to reveal such poison within his own party and friends seems spurious given Blair’s religious convictions, personality and long-term obsession for all things corporate-American. Nevertheless, this theory may well play a part overall, which further increases culpability and darkens his projected image still further. (But Blair has never been one to be bothered by whom he associates with. Witness the holiday luxury with Silvio Berlusconi for one).

In fact why do you not start the ball rolling by undoing all the D-notices and withholding of information that Tony Blair put in place to protect his friends … especially the ones related to the “Operation Ore” discovery of high level Government politicians being active paedophiles. This will start to take the sting out of the threats from the US. After all if you air our dirty laundry what have they got left on you? Or is it that they do have something on you?

Of course, the real global terrorists are the CIA – as you well know and as history will prove, despite their best attempts to destroy evidence (example: Project MKULTRA). Osama Bin Laden is, was and, has for many years been, a CIA asset. He was hired to fly planes into the Word Trade Centre to initiate and cover up the largest property, financial and government-lead fraud in history. A fraud perpetrated against the people of the world. Larry Silverstein alone made in excess of $5 billion profit on September 11th 2001. The Carlyle group – the Bush family investment vehicle and supplier to the US military has made billions more from this phony war your former boss knew was based on lies.

The chickens are coming home to roost Mr Brown and if you do not get our house in order they will be crapping all over your head. Stop this co-dependent nonsense with the USA now before they export more of their bad debts our way. Face the truth. It is time. Stop giving in to bullying – for that is the correct name of “diplomacy”.

Become an honest politician – it may save you and the country. As I banker I learned that if you owe the bank £1,000 they have you by the balls – and if you owe the bank $1,000,000, you have them by the balls. So if you become an honest politician and call in the debts by cleaning up British politics you will have the Americans by the balls because their politics is as filthy as a pig house. And I’m sure you have plenty of information that could upset the USA if they do not play nice.