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MentalNurse: Irreverent Buddhist Sent To Coventry.

July 26th, 2007 No comments

Over at MentalNurse I have become engaged in a most unsatisfactory string of arguments with a self styled respectable academic tw@. “Training the next generation of Mental Health nurses”, ‘Beakie’ maintains absolutely that Psychiatrists “have no power” and that the “real” power lays in Government, where it “always has”.

Such an absurd reductionist argument is reminiscent of Marx. Oh well. I can not argue with the tw@ any more because I have been “sent to Coventry” and banned from commenting on the site. I hope “Mental” the owner of the site recognises that running a comfy shop does not lead to running a healthy shop. Perhaps this is the reason Mental Health facilities and services are so often god damn awful. People who work in them are so busy “managing” the patients with chemicals, threats or other devices to keep things quiet, that they never get to the root of the problem – the patients never get to express what it is they need.