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The Pope and Irish Paedophile Priests – I Smell a Rat.

February 16th, 2010 No comments

There is no honesty in Pope Rat summoning the Irish Bishops to the Vatican. There is no honesty in his attempts to put things right. Why so?

Because in 2001 Cardinal Ratzinger, as he was then, rewrote the secret doctrine that instructed Bishops on how to deal with sex scandals. He tightened the rules and made sure all such cases were dealt with directly by the Vatican.

Had he truly been interested in improving the situation he would have torn up the thirty year old document, that instructed Bishops to use secrecy, bribes and threats of excommunication to shush up scandals and thrown it into the rubbish.

He would have instructed Bishops to take all such reports directly to civilian criminal authorities.

But he didn’t.

He tightened things up, tied up the loose ends and made a big attempt to push all this under the carpet and keep it there.

Now he is wearing the biggest hat in Catholicism on his head he can not escape the complete fool he made of himself with his actions in 2001.

Those actions have made him complicit in every rape of every child perpetuated by any Roman Catholic official or priest during the last nine years – and the cover-ups, which he personally oversaw.

Too little, too late, Pope Rat.