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Letting Go

January 16th, 2006 No comments

Letting go can sometimes be hard and sometimes be easy. It all depends on how attached you are to your ideas. For quite a while I hosted on a free package with the domain name seller I used to purchase the domain. With only 10Mb of storage I often had to let go of whole chunks of my efforts to make way for the new. Occassionally there was a slight heart wrenching as I would watch a piece of writing I particularly valued fall off the end.

Today I added commenting by haloscan to the site, exploring options as I try and move from Blogger to Moveable Type as my publishing tool. I don’t like Blogger anymore because it is not flexible enough. I want to add a list on the sidebar of all previous posts and blogger won’t do it. I want to do this because when I did it manually for a while people found more they wanted to read and stayed longer. Visitors read three times the number of pages per visit when I provided them with this easy way to find stuff.

And now I discover that by installing haloscan I have had to let go of all previouse comments because haloscan can’t import them from blogger. I liked the comments. There was useful feedback and some interesting writing therein. So if you have commented and you find it has dissappeared, accept my appologies, and join me in letting go.