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Terrorism, Climate Change and Revolution

December 10th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Terrorism, Climate Change and Revolution are all examples of discontinuous change. Discontinuous change differs from evolutionary change though they are often part and parcel of the same process. Sometimes a change slowly manifests and then, once it reaches a certain point, it snowballs. The pace of change becomes very fast. Sudden jumps start appearing where a value that previously was changing slowly or was stable will now assume a radically different value in an instant. This is discontinuous change and it is much misunderstood.

When combined with certain aspects of systems theory, it looks like this sort of change is responsible for most of the trouble in the world. The truth is that this sort of change only results where a situation of tension has built up that remains unresolved over time until it eventually bursts through. Volcanoes and earthquakes are good examples of discontinuous change.

The latest emergence of “International Terrorism” and the terrible examples of climate change we see on the news result from fictitious tensions built in our human society: between rich and poor, good and bad, black and white. Throughout history the need for change, when ignored, results in revolution or war. There is a great need for a revolution in thinking and acting and saying in our world – it might be the only way to avoid mutual destruction.

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