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The BBC and Papal Barrell Scrapings

The BBC, like most media organisations, has been covering the death of the Pope and arrangements for his funeral in close detail. All week they have been scraping the bottom of the barrell for anything with a Popish connection. On Wednesday it was the man who “met” the Pope when he visited the UK. Upon interview it turned out that this very special meeting consisted of this fellow and his wife standing alone on a bit of road the Pope passed in his Pope-Mobile. The man waved at them as he passed.

This morning’s collection of barrell scrapings has included the family whose visit to Rome is particularly special because they were there once before, “met” the Pope (they were among thousands in an audience hall) and the mother has died since that visit so can’t be with them. I think these circumstances must be unique amongst Catholics.

One bit of news I can thank the Beeb for this morning is confirmation that Joseph Ratzinger will conduct the funeral of the Pope.

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