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The Core Problem: Simple Maths.

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We live in a world which is finite. There is this abstract maths concept call infinity which we don’t need to worry about too much. It really means everything. Einstein said everything is relative and so it is.

Last year you may have felt richer than today. A mortgage of £200K on a £300K house left you with £100K equity. Today that house is 30% down, your equity is 90% down – because you were leveraged 3 x.

That’s if you’re lucky. If you bought at the top on a 100% 4x salary mortgage (old French: “deathgrip”) your 300K house is now worth £210K – if you can find a buyer – and yo owe £90,000 on a bunch of bricks. Your payments are just to pay that hole for the next 10 years.

Meanwhile the rich are still getting richer. Despite all the human conceived entities that stand between us at the end of every transaction there are to be found individual human beings. As our debt escalates the wealth of the wealthy does too. I’m not talking about anyone worth £100 million – these people are merely middle class fodder and only useful temporaily – they are as disposible as you and I.  It’s the people with hidden wealth in the trillions of dollars and pounds that are getting total control.

As everything is relative and total resources are finite, the actual numbers don’t matter a bit – it is the trends that matter. The wealthy want a world order where their wealth is preserved and you are allocated a portion of what remains, if you are lucky and compliant. There is a belief, easily seen in England, but pervasive worldwide – in thrall to the British crown – that a “certain class” are better than the rest of us, the barbarian hoards, almost a species apart indeed.

This encompasses a need to control the lower species and separate the worthy from the masses using an apparatus of security measures, law, prisons, police, fear, psychological control, propaganda (i.e. the news you watch -so stop and use alternatives), puppet “democratic government”, reduction in freedoms, military-industrial complexes – that can be turned inward (i.e. mechanised warfare using only a relatively small number of compliant persons), and – occasionally – mass culling through war, famine or unrest. This has gone on unhindered since 4,000 years or more. Most families involved today at the highest echalons can trace their blood to the same rulers of 4,000 or 2,000 or 1,000 years ago.

Many pundits are now saying we are definitely headed for unrest and famine – and possibly war. Climate change threatens pestilence. Regan may be dead but his controller Bush and Bush jr, (the second puppet Pres. of Bush Ist) believe they will see apocalypse and Armageddon – their God-calling – having carefully prepared for it, for some years.

Oh, and in the meantime planning for their survival, but not yours by the way. Wake up and start thinking. Turn off the TV. use the internet. www.PrisonPlanet.tv is a good place to start.

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