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The Day America Lost Their War in Iraq.

November 16th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

An American Film Reporter on tour with a Marine unit revisit the scene at a Mosque of a shoot out the previous day. Several dead and two injured appear to be in residence. An American soldier shoots one of the injured in the head, finishing him off. It’s all on film and all over the media. Later it emerges that he was shot in the face whilst on duty the day before. Poor guys. All of them. War is dirty.

BBC Coverage on this issue

However, this day will be marked as the one America lost it’s war in Iraq. The unfortunate soldier was not removed from the battlefield before this shooting. He will now pay a high price. Yet America will pay a higher one. The war will now be joined by any tom, dick and martyr. It will be harder to win than ever. I suspect Bush has not the mettle to manhandle the middle east to peace. He will only create democracy and peace where the price is paid and the work done by others. This means more fuel on the fire, yet America gaily dances round it’s own ego with glee. The consequences of treading so heavy handedly round the world are simply to be blamed for what happens and what does not happen. No power, Mr Bush without the concomitant responsibility.

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