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The Dirty Race For The Whitehouse

November 1st, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wow. It was clear American Democracy was a poor imitation – I am a little shocked by this Channel 4 documentary – shown this evening. That 1,500 milllion dollars has been spent to secure the votes of a few hundred thousand swing voters in key states, that most of these persons could not identify Iraq or Afghanistan on a map (or even Europe, Britain or Africa !!), that the process is so corrupted by money, power and special interest. The scale of these things was a shock. And before any Americans decide I must be some stupid liberal ass watching stupid liberal European TV: let me tell you those things are true and British TV is recognised worldwide as the straightest, fairest, most accurate and interesting in the world. But then you would probably agree with the dumb American Ass who shot his friend at the weekend because he would not say he believed in God. As the police interviewed him he said “i’m sure God exists, but maybe he doesn’t”. Yep, that will be the God that wants Georgie Boy in the white House again then.

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