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“The English Are Pigs ” Or “Civilisation, Wealth, War And History.”

March 12th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

The English are pigs. I can say that because I am one of them, born and bred and living here still – though I am, I have discovered, French by nature. We have through history colonised and asset stripped half the world and ruled it’s people by war and terrorism. We now have the audacity to think of ourselves as the most civilised of nations.

Today our town centres have become almost off-limits for normal people. We have supported a fraudulent American war. Against an oil rich country this war has been waged to aid and abet a small and neurotic cabal of wealthy powerful families in implementing their global masterplan. This plan demands the Middle East be asset stripped and broken so as not to become powerful.

“To civilise”, as I have written before means “to bring out of barbarism” – to quote Skeats English Etymology. The English are barbarians. Within our own society the richest are utterly and almost without exception corrupt and are able to do anything they wish anywhere. At the other end we have the crack and heroin addicted single mother/prostitutes for whom work means turning tricks for men who can not find a woman to satisfy their desires without cash being involved. We, alongside a small group of nations, lord over a world where thirty thousand children die every day because the best economics we can come up with are “winner takes all”. The English are pigs. It is time we civilised ourselves.

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