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The Four Horsemen.

November 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have written before of the apocalypse. Another 87,000 dead in the Asian earthquake, following the quarter of a million or so Tsunami victims. Much of America under water or destroyed by wind. 30,000 kids starving to death or perishing from curable and preventable disease daily. This was not the sort I thought we might be in for.

The etymology of the word Apocalypse is interesting. Greek Apo means to remove whilst calypse stems from lid. I understood the lid coming off to mean the revelation of truth being evident before all. I dreamt of a change in earthly ways to accomodate that. I thought it might be informational and political/economic/social. That the four horsemen are on the door seems most strange.

At the same time I find myself nesting furiously. I have a “new” desk. I constructed it from the bottom part of my old coffee table and the four legs I was given to build a bar. That was to be a temporary bar til I slung the desk top on it and put the two drawer plinths underneath as little stand alone units. It means I can stand and use the computer at the right hieght or sit on a barstool. It’s much easier that way.

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