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The Internet And The Street: The Age Of Truth And Unreason

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As the internet unleashes truth wherever it goes, the streets become more and more unreasonable. This is the sign of the end of an age: On the edges a new age based on deeper understanding emerges whilst the greatest victims of the old one suffer breakdown at it’s demise.

Civilisations rise and fall, times change, but many things remain the same. This civilisation, as we have come to know it, must surely be approaching a radical realignment of values. This is because civilisations are divergent whilst truth is not.

Once in a while a civilisation moves so far from truth that discontinuous change occurs: a revoltution; a breakdown; a collapse; or a fundamental reassesment of values that leads to radically different ways of doing things, a re-alignment with reality. If ever a civilisation needed a reality check it is ours today. Around the world, thirty thousand kids will starve today and hundreds of thousands be beaten up, raped, abused, forced to work.

Elsewhere on the planet millions will bask in relative affluence while the “cream of society” will gloat in abundant abhorent wealth. This affluence and wealth is itself leaching the planet dry, let alone starving the rest. To think the rest can come to our standards is to be as foolish as proposing we lower our quality of life to theirs. Neither is possible or desirable.

“Enough is enough” must become the motto of economics. In a world where our manifest destinies are so inextricably entwined with each others we must take care of our neighbour. We must do so if we are to ever establish a peaceful world. “Enough is enough” is about each persons needs being met, not by “markets”, nor by “the system”, but by themselves. When each person takes enough and does not gather and hoard more there will be enough for all to prosper.

For though we may like to think of ourselves as prosperous, in the long run, we will be seen as profligate. Our great grand children will hate us for what we are doing to the planet. Can you handle that? Can you handle that America throws away more food each day than Ethiopians eat in a year. Enjoy your burger.

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