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The Pope

April 25th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it can not be said that my predictions are getting worse. I got president Bush’s victory spot on long before the crowd and in detail. For over five years I have predicted “Benedict” Ratzinger becoming pope. How about the second part of that prediction: Will he be the last catholic pope?

Almost certainly yes. If the lies, theft and magic at the heart of Catholicism do not kill it in the next few years, the child molestation scandals all over it will. A friend of mine who is Irish told me that for the last fifty years every priest in Ireland accused of molesting kids has seen the case hushed-up of paid off before being shipped out to America. Is it any wonder the Church there is bankrupt as a result of the huge number of cases? And how long before the Vatican itself is subject to a class action suit in the states?

Of course the Latin American, European and African churches will not have been without fault in this regard also. The holy shit has barely started hitting the holy fan in regard to this issue.

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