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The Scariest And Funniest Right Wing Bull**** Ever?

January 7th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Possibly the funniest and scariest thing I ever read:

From “The United States and Britain in Prophecy” By Herbert W. Armstrong (circa 1947), reproduced by the Chrurch of God, Modesto, California.

“Where is the UNITED STATES mentioned in Bible prophecies? Or is it mentioned at all? We are the wealthiest of nations. And, potentially at least, the most powerful. We are the same people as the British, and, with them we possess more than two-thirds of all the wealth and resources of the world. All other nations, combined, have little more than a fourth divided between them all. And we have acquired nearly all of it since 1800. Never has there been anything like it in history. Never did a nation or people spread out and grow so rapidly to wealth and power. Never was a nation or people so rich. WHY?”

The answer is God: nothing to do with weapons, slavery, colonialism, war and all the other stuff. Oh, no. God wants us to starve the children of the third world with our distorted thinking and economics. Of course, a lot of right wing fundamentalist (Christian, Buddhist, Islamic …. name your choice of religion) writing is both scary and funny at once, but this one takes the award for the time being.

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