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The waiting is over

November 2nd, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

The waiting is over and we will learn by tomorrow who will be President of America for the next five years. A last look at the Blogpulse trend analysis graphs I have been studying shows convincingly that Bush will win in a landslide or something close to it. If this proves to be true i’ll frankly be amazed at my own success in prediction and horrified at the result.

It should not matter to me in a world where things made good sense and a world where justice prevailed. In this 21st century nightmare world, the real world we inhabit, that is not true. Political and military power mean that the person in this job will make decisions that change my world and life. I do not want George Walker Bush to have that power any longer. How can America think he is up to the job? Don’t they watch TV? Ha ha.

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