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The Waves Die Down: Tsunami Jokes Meter Forecasts End of Hot Topic

January 20th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Clearly we have a limited capacity to remain interested in any subject and the Tsunami is no exception. Due to the placement of an article about the Tsunami on the same page as an old joke, freedomforall.net got a lot of traffic over the last couple of weeks from people looking for jokes about the recent disaster.

In the end it became apparent that once people found the site many of them stayed and read a few things. All well and good, thought I, because the sort of people who would look for humour in such a tragedy could benefit from some good old fashioned moralistic education of the sort offered here.

The waves of such traffic are dying down, I am glad to say, and not before time. Of course it means the whole Tsunami thing will die down too, although we will of course hear occasional references for years to come and in six months we’ll have the documentaries, then in a year or so, the Hollywood movie: “Death On The Beach”.

What a shame they can’t make a blockbuster about the daily death of 30,000 children from solvable causes that inspires change. Of course that is not news or film-script material because, like the sun rising and setting, it happens every day without fail. Of course, the sun does no such thing – it is the earth that rotates. Equally if 30,000 children dying every day is not news to you, what are you doing to help solve the problem?

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