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Thomas The Tank Engine I

A friend asked me to do a poster. It’s her nephews birthday coming up and they are having a party. I like doing things for other people. Sometimes little things like this. Sometimes other, bigger things. It’s the same family for whom I made arrangements for their cousin to have free reconstructive surgery to free her from the worst effects of having her face burned off with acid. She’s well happy now as she has eyerbrows and lips and can see out of both eyes. Next off they are trying to restore her hearing.

I like doing things for other people because that is the most rewarding feeling in the world for me. To know I have helped. And I like doing things well. I was asked for a poster for a five year olds party … and that is what they will get. :)

It’s not quite finished yet. The black paint has to go on the wheels and firebox and coal and roof. Then the carriages to paint. His aunt will stick the words “Happy Birthday X” on the carriages after they are painted, cut out from paper.

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