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Tsunami Jokes

January 9th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tsunami Jokes has become the most common google search overtaking Tsunami Video. Video Uplift, as an emotional response to the disaster, is quite natural. Laughter is also quite natural. Is it right to be disturbed by those looking for Tsunami Jokes?

Humour offers a release of pent up energy. That is why jokes need punchlines. The energy gets stored during the buildup and released on the punchline. There are deep parallels between music and mathematics. Crescendo’s and harmonies build then shift down or change key. Another change can resolve or hieghten the effect.

In humour the energy is in shifting the expectation or understanding by changing the value of tokens and symbols used in the joke. The Tsunami for instance would be turned into humour by shifting the joke on to someone who could be seen to benefit, for example. Then the tsunami would be a good thing and there would be a release of energy in the person hearing it, felt as laughter.

This is the crux of the problem. It is natural for people to dissipate these energies that have built up. However, the tokenisation of the Tsunami as a subject appropriate for humour just seems too soon to be funny. Bodies are still being found. Families are still grieving. The dead are far from being buried. It is unfortunate so many are burying their shock and awe and grief in jokes.

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