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Tsunami Will Not Lead to Greater Co-Operation

January 4th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some romantic folk have been getting all steamed up with the idea that the Tsunami deaths and damage will inspire great co-operation among nations. This feeling arises from a combination of two things, a real need for greater co-operation on the one-hand and the endorphins running around romantic brains with nowhere to go.

I discussed endorphins and how the Tsunami has lead to an uprising of them in an earlier post, “Vicariously Uplifted by TV’s Grubby Visuals”.

Unfortunately the persons romanticising about greater co-operation have fallen prey to these endorphins. A lack of real ways to rid oneself of the emotional hangover left by such an event can be blamed. If you are going to get your high’s from TV disasters, it’s best not to think your groovy feeling is real.

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