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Two Nominations at pointlessandboring.org !

August 9th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today I spent half the day wondering if Shambhala Buddhist No.3 falling in love with Shambhala Buddist No.2 was reciprocated. I did not pluck up the courage to ask. Yet know from time to time she reads what I write here. I guess I would hate to hear she is in love, whilst realising at the same time it is entirely certain to happen. And realising I am a good enough person to rise above my own story and just be happy for her, I shall allow myself a good cry when I do eventually hear it.

Then I discovered I have been nominated twice at pointlessandboring.org’s fabulous “pointless and boring news page”. I feel it is only appropriate to go for the “most nominated news source” award. I will rain blessings of boredom upon both of my regular readers and the hundred or two fools that stumble hereupon. The minutiae of life will from now on be the staple of this blog of ill-repute.

I spent the other half of the day eating fruit, sleeping, watching neighbours. Really boring stuff. Except for having breakfast with her which was ….. not yer run of the mill morning for me. Oh and I smoked thirty cigarettes. I ate toast and she had an egg and cheese sandwich, btw. We share an interest in coffee.

Inner censor is currently having babies. If it isn’t boring enough yet let me know.

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