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Two Wars for the Price of One?

November 20th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the next few months, the US Presidency will find itself more and more isolated. This could result from actions borne of some European superiority complex or knee-jerk reaction to Taliban terrorists. In this case, however, the actions will be directly those of the President, Mr. Bush.

Mr. Bush has had his sights firmly set on achieving the foreign policy objective in which his father failed so signally, to murder or remove from power Sadam Hussein. Having done this one thing, this simple thing, Mr. Bush is trapped by his own success. Mr. Bush has to meet the psychological imperatives of a personality built on hatred and desire for an unavailable and unloving father. In doing this, as Freud pointed out, the adult can not admit or even know the thoughts of the child directly.

Mr Bush wants nothing more than the non-judgmental love of his father but knows he can never attain it. So the only love left is the variety based on performance which, as Mr. Bush may now be feeling in the back of his mind, does not satisfy. It does not satisfy because it is the performance which is loved and not the person. Mr. Bush is left in an unenviable position. He has done the one thing, through his dry-drunk vision, that could have made daddy truly happy, and it has. But it has not made Georgie boy happy, instead it has made him even more acutely aware that his daddy does not love him.

There is nothing he can do to resolve this situation. He can not admit to himself that he wants the love of his daddy because that would involve dealing with the emotional baggage of half a century lived without it. This procludes the admission that he has once again failed to win it. He does not know what to do in Iraq because he did what daddy wanted and daddy still is not happy. He can not take his eyes off the ball because he knows it has his name on it.

And it is not just himself that is such a quagmire for Mr. Bush: He does not understand the economy. As the US Dollar continues the big decline I predicted twelve days ago, US markets will start to feel the pinch of increasing import costs and the trade and budget deficits will spiral further out of control. Mr. Bush has no idea how to control the situation or even just soften the impact. His advisors and cabinet will be next to useless for they do not understand the true nature of economics either.

So America’s position will not be good for the next four years. A president blinded by his own success and blind to everything else, especially all the stuff falling down around his ears. An economy that will jerk and falter through increasing macro instability. A military locked into Iraq. More and more dead bodies coming home

And Mr. Bush, shut in the whitehouse and increasingly alone, thinking up ways to save his image. The worst excesses of dry-drunk thinking could be displayed, “Hell, why not do Iran while we’re over there? – two wars for the price of one”.

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