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Ugly People

November 23rd, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Having talked of beautiful people in my last post I could talk of ugly people. Ugly people do ugly things. And they are not intrinsically, inherently “ugly” – it is all in their behaviour. It is an adaptive learned behaviour or set of behaviours, which has passed it’s sell by date, yet remains in use.

This ugliness it has little to do with physical attractiveness, actually nothing at all. They often hide their ugliness behind an acceptable facade. You can’t always tell the ugly people from the outside or straight away. If you don’t get what this post means, stop looking in the mirror and learn to meditatate.

All you have to do is sit straight backed but comfortably on the floor or in any kind of chair, stool, or whatever. Breathe, noticing your breath, and if you start telling yourself a story or reviewing the day or making a shopping list or planning your wedding, gently let the thoughts go and start paying a bit more attention to your breath again. Do it daily for only five minutes and it will change you forever.

This basic “sitting – calming” mediitation teaches you how to allow “identification with thoughts” to drop slowly away. Don’t worry if you don’t get what that means, it is ok just to enjoy the benefits of this stuff. Calming the mind reveals the sea of impulses which bubble up as “Me”. This calms – eventually achieving peace – and then the mind naturally becomes more flexible and stronger and can be applied to conscious “awareness and thinking” meditation to comprehend or see the truth of things.

First one examines the tuth of one’s own body, life, existence, history and sense of self. “Know thyself” said Christ. Then the meditator is achieving a dual benefit of peace and understanding. With discipline and effort, patience and generosity comes the natural development of a wise mind which can then be compassionately applied to all one encounters.

And when one compassionately applies oneself to that which one encounters, the result is naturally and by definition, never ugly.

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