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University College London Hospitals Trust Chairman: Peter Dixon – A Challenge: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

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A very nicely branded University College London Hospitals Annual Review of 2006/7 was today left open on my bed by one of the nursing staff I presume. I think the nursing staff are becoming aware that something very odd is going on.

After all I will have been an inpatient here for eight weeks on Tuesday, my health is failing fast, there has been a failure to undertake appropriate tests and a repetition of pointless ones. Doctors have refused to see me – though the consultant I am under admits it is not me that is at fault here but the cock-ups that have happened elsewhere and are being used as an excuse to deny me the care I need. Tests which would have proven useful have been denied on spurious grounds.

Reports are missing from my file and I have been asking for them for three weeks. The hospital sat on my old scans for five weeks before loading them into their PACS system. They then sent back my EBT scans saying the images could not be read. Which was odd because when I shoved the disk in my laptop it fired up and read every image without fail. And when I showed the 3D renditions of my cervical spine to a Neurologist last week he said that needed further clarification before running out the door backwards saying he could no longer support me staying in hospital as the hospital is “not helping” me – the one point we agreed on.

The Annual Review was left open on my bed on the page “Our commitment to you”. On that page was a highlighted statement from Peter Dixon the Trust Chairman – who has been in receipt of a “stongly worded” fax from my MP for the last six weeks of my “hotelisation” here.

That statement reads:

“It’s a matter of treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. It may sound easy, but making it happen is going to require attention to detail and routinely going that extra mile.” – Trust Chairman, Peter Dixon.

It’s time to pay attention to detail, go the extra mile and stop trying to look like you are doing your best and do your best, Mr Dixon. That is my challenge to you. There is no excuse for my human right to health to be stamped on, whomever may be pushing you to do so. Far from treating me as you would wish to be treated yourself the overall treatment I have received here is worse than you would allow for your dog. It’s shape up time.

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