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US Eats Communal Humble Pie

January 6th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

When the USA announced it had formed a coalition to “lead” the recovery efforts following the Tsunami, many observers were dismayed. The hope that America had learned it’s lesson from Iraq was dashed. Undermining the mission and methods of the United Nations once again, the USA isolated itself in it’s little coalition.

Fundamentally Mr. Bush cannot “trust” another human being unless he has power over them. This is symptomatic of his dry-drunk mental health problem. Of course this is not really trust which explains why Mr Bush prefers to go it alone every time. This problem is fundamentally because Mr. Bush cannot trust himself and his own mind. Retrenched into the black-and-white thinking that is the primary avoidance strategy of the dry drunk, Mr. Bush does not have to touch the pain of his childhood yet his humanity is numbed by the effort.

Unfortunately for the rest of us we are not playing “cowboys and indians” here, we are managing a planet. Mr. Bush has failed on this occasion to undermine international accord and it has been quietly announced that the coalition is being dissolved such that efforts can proceed under the auspices of the UN. How much longer before Mr. Bush is at the doors of the UN asking them to take over from his other coalition in Iraq?

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