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US to remain ‘aggressive’ abroad

November 9th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

BBC News – US to remain “aggressive” abroad.

Unfortunately for all of us the US will remain aggressive abroad as “It’s a continuation of [the Presidents] principles, his policies, his beliefs,”, Colin Powell has told the financial times.

People who suffer Dry Drunk syndrome, as does Mr Bush, can not be relied upon to have principles, policies and beliefs. Only hard and fast positions that help them avoid feeling the pain they took up the bottle to hide from.

That these hard and fast positions should form the basis of the most powerful nation on earth’s international agenda is very worrying. People hate that which they do not know and understand. As a sufferer of this debilitating condition, Mr Bush does not know or understand his own mind or his own back yard, let alone the world accross the oceans. His lack of understanding of the world has lead the US into a terrible war, decimating the lives of innocents.

Mr Bush is a small minded aristocrat and will not be thought well of by history. He wil be recognised a sad and sorry man whose lack of compassion and insight lead him to mistakes that cost the world dear.

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