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I have to walk. It’s very painful and difficult, but I have to do it. It never occured to me that aged 39 I wiould be something of a cripple. To learn lessons of impermanance of the human flesh at such an early age has been salutory. I will myself to recover. I investigate reasonable avenues. I work to learn what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong.

Now I have to walk. I am seeing an Osteopath and to maximise the benefit of the adjustments he makes walking seems to do the trick. It can take me hours to walk what I would have done in a third of the time previously and it hurts like buggery at times, literally, as the muscles in my ass recover from a lifetimes misuse around the injuries inflicted on me as an infant.

The Buddha used to walk a lot. I think it is what some human bodies need. Mine can cope with buses and tubes at times but driving is easiest and walking healthiest. I can’t walk to Fulham though so I am going to buy a car. That way visiting the osteopath won’t bugger up my back.

This story may well win another nomination at pointlessandboring.org, but thats not the point. I did have a merry laugh yesterday when I discovered that searching google for them brings up freedomforall.net above the ofenders themselves. hehehe ;-)

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