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Wealth Limits, Future Generations and Civilization.

December 14th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

One hundred years from now wealth limits will be seen as a normal and natural part of economics. It will be obvious long before then that the lack of them is the chief facilitator of ecological destruction. Future generations will not forgive us for the profligate way in which we treat the finite natural resources of our planet. People of our age will be seen as the most destructive, least civilized and least considerate ever. However big, bold and civilized we like to think we are, history will not be kind to us.

As we wage war against nature and each other we are fighting wars which can never be won. These wars, fought in the name of freedom turn us all into slaves and are rapidly destroying much of the natural world. Times are hard and getting harder for most people on the planet. As Africa starts to feel the pinch of topsoil erosion over the next twenty years and other parts of the third world flood the scene will get uglier. As mans numbers grow and grow, these things will become only more pressing. Sixteen thousand children die needlessly every day and this number will grow. Is a man owning more than he can use in a lifetime really worth this?

We need to live more simply and conserve natural resources for the good of all and so that our planet can start to breathe again. We need to be civilized, and we are not.

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