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Welcome To The Age Of Aquarius: The Age Of Freedom

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Broadband, Wifi, Mass Starvation, War, Terrorism: What have these got to do with an age of peace? How can we possibly get from here to there? Where are we, even, and do we have a clue where we need to be?

We are at the cusp of the tide, the turning of an age. The fabulous Mr Fritjof Capra wrote of this some time ago in his masterpiece “The Turning Point”. The book describes in some detail the central themes of the age in which we live. In short one civilisation is ending and another is beginning.

The nature of such discontinuous change is often troublesome. Confusious even had a curse “May you live in interesting times”. It can be said that “interesting” times are usually troublesome for those who live through them. Wars, famine, conflict, resource shortages, these things in all their forms are the marks of a civilisation at end and cause much suffering. Meanwhile others enjoy great wealth, there is a new renaissance in the west of a truer form of personal freedom than has existed in years.

The great faiths, including Catholicism and Islam seem to be engaged in mutual destruction with their exclusive philosophies, thus the people increasingly “go their own way”. People left to themselves are naturally self-balancing, to a point, and thus there will be increasing harmony in some places. In others, where the toll of decay and under investment have taken the highest toll on those on the edge there will be increasing madness.

Terrorism will be conquered, not by governments or defence forces, but by the people and the internet, but then so will governments. Politicians and terrorists share with the religious their mutually destructive/exclusive philosophies and this is the nature of the age that is ending.

The win/lose mentality will be history in one hundred years. It is history more and more each day. We are collectively coming to the conclusion that no priest or politician can solve our problems: indeed they are often the proximate cause.

The new mentality could best be called “open”. I am open to you and you to me. And if that open-ness is collectively beneficial we remain so. We are all free to be ourselves, we all learn to be ourselves – it is the age Einstein prophesied of peace harmony and truth through freedom from myth and control.

It is the age that brings you freedom and it is now, and forever. You only have to look inside to find your place in it. And this will change from second to second, moment to moment.

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