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Welcome to the Apocalypse

November 25th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here it is folks, it’s apocalypse time. Yes, the lid is coming off, welcome, to the age of truth. We have had the age of reason and like all ages it has come to an end. Reason has become so obtuse in practice that it will now burst under the weight of its own stupidity. Just look at the world around you if you want the proof.

Luckily we are moving into the age of truth. The age of truth will be marked by a fair and efficient economics and the general state of affairs among humans will be peace. There are good signs that the power of peace and truth and compassion are beginning to take a marked ascendency. Ukrain is all over the TV at the moment for all the right reasons.

The re-election of Bush will only speed this trend as anything which burns reason’s remaining fuel more quickly will reduce it’s remaining life more quickly. The fuel of the age of reason is the belief that it will lead to a good world for all men. That is clearly becoming harder to believe as the “more and more dangerous world” now sold by the powers of reason is clearly itself fuelled principally by the fight against it.

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