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Whats Worrying Me?

A friend who worries continuously is faced with some real challenges in her life. She makes things worse with incessant worry. Her mind, starved of peace, leads her to the wrong actions time after time. The right actions she can not see, despite them offering themselves boldly to her. Her worry stands in the way. This week she came to me for advice, the day after I found this old poem and I was able to say, “work out what you can do and take right action and work out what you can’t do and learn to accept”.

Whats Worrying Me?

If worry could solve things,
That would be real fine,
I’d worry like a madman,
Nearly all the time,
I’d worry ’bout my money,
And my health and God,
And if we must experiment,
On cats and dogs,
I’d worry ’bout the Buddha,
If he cries at me,
And worry ’bout my breakfast,
And me afternoon tea,
But most of all I’d worry,
‘Bout what’s worrying me.

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