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Who You Really Are.

January 6th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I can’t tell you that. No book can tell you that. No priest can tell you that. You must discover itself for yourself if you are to find out. Or stay locked in the habitual mind that keeps you from your true self.

Many have been there, many have crossed the river, passed through the gates. Some have left signposts and pointers but the rafts they used to cross the river are gone. The Buddha’s way, as he taught it, is lost. Christs way, as he taught it, is lost. Mohammed’s way, as he taught it, is lost.

Christ told us: ‘Know yourself – the kingdom of heaven is within’. Buddha told us: ‘If you don’t get it from yourself, where will you get it from?’. The truth that can set us free is within each of us, clouded by habits of mind and body which we wear like a glove, pretending that it is who we are. “Oh I am a banker” …. “Oh, I am an angry person” …. “Oh, I am so beautiful” ….

So Who are you really? Go figure – like I said, I don’t know and neither does anyone else. You have to find out for yourself. I haven’t even figured out who I am yet. I just know that the above, every single word of it, is true. I have seen the river I need to cross.

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