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Why Britain is and always will be safer than the USA

November 1st, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Britain is and always will be safer from the current brand of international terrorism than the US. There are a number of reasons. First, we let go of our empire (including the USA) centuries and decades ago whilst America is still trying to gain hers. When we had an empire we were seen as being good people: generally fair – kings and paupers were subject to the same laws, and efficient – the trains ran on time. But mainly because we actually are better people on the whole than our bastard offspring: more able to see both sides of an argument, more genuinely just and more interested in helping the less fortunate rather than just dismissing them out of hand. My prediction for the US election tomorrow stands. I really, really hope I am wrong and the Americans do the right thing. Please America do not vote for the Liar Bush. He is a greedy, self important narcisist who will make more and bigger mistakes if you are fools enough to vote him in again. Give him a bloody nose or be warned: His mistakes will lead to more American deaths at home and abroad. And please, don’t tell me that Britain lost more people to terrorism than the USA because of the Irish situation: you paid for that terrorism after all. Come to think of it, why, oh why, Mr Blair did you legitimise Liar Bush’s wars?

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