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Why Do You Tolerate This World?

December 21st, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Its strange to me and always has been that people will accept what our society offers in return for their willingness to submit to its rules. It does not get less strange as I get old, but more so. This world this society, this constructed way of being to which we submit is becoming more Orwellian by the day.

Billions are being spent on measuring, monitoring, surveilling and accounting for your behaviour. A picture is being built of your moves, mates, connections, comings and goings. Your emails, phone calls and other communications are logged. Your moves are monitored and soon those of your car will be satellite tracked. This is 1984. And if you tolerate this your children will hate you. For they will live in a divided world full of hurt, anger, hate and violence. Their lives will not be the leisured imaginings of yesteryear about the future.

This is being done in the name of the war on terrorism. Literally billions are being spent and it is a war without end. The war on terror will lead to more terror and more war. It is business, fuelled by oil and the need for it, and creating $$$. The people who get the money do not want the flow of it to slow or stop. the war on terror is perfect for them. No wonder two of the richest families in the world started it: The Bush family and the Bin Laden Family.

No wonder over seventy per cent of the worlds scientists work in “defence research”. We should stop fighting war, especially those with no end. And in which “we” “lose” significant battles like Iraq and Afghanistan. Then we could solve the world’s problems in ten years or so at a rough guess. There would not be many angry bombers around. Your children would inherit a world of peace, prosperity and leisure. So why do politicians not go for it? Well then they would not have power, of course, and would not be significant. So the price of their ego trip is this state in which we live, this “civilisation”.

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