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World Food Day and the Irony of World Hunger

November 14th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

From Bulatlat – The Philippines’s alternative weekly magazine

“On the 24th year of World Food Day, 14 percent of humanity suffers from extreme hunger – in a world where, so food experts say, there is more than enough food for everyone. A UN study states that the reduction of hunger involves “the fostering of pro-poor economic growth,” among other things.”

‘pro-poor economic growth’ – What can this mean? – Aside from recognising that the ‘invisible hand of the market’ will wipe out anything in it’s way – and reducing it’s ability to do so.

“On the 24th World Food Day, the FAO is confronting a world where 840 million people – 14 percent of the world population – suffer from hunger. Based on data from the Germany-based Bread for the World Institute, 75 percent of the world’s hungry people live in rural areas – where the food baskets are located.”

1 in 6 persons suffer from hunger daily, every day of their lives. If America and the UK and the other large western countries banned obese people from eating more than is healthy for them, would this solve the problem? Well, the problem is not the food, it is the political will to feed these people and suffer the economic consequences of the decision.

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