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WTC7 Case Closed.

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Video sequence of controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko’s full opinions on the collapse of WTC7

In the following video Danny Jowenka is interviewed after false rumours he withdrew his opinion were published on the Internet.

Jowenka: “Listen when the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company – and you say “no it was a controlled demolition”, you .. your, your gone, you know? It’s the end of your, your … the end of the story”.

Interviewer: “The other people didn’t want to talk to me about building seven really obviosly because they knew what happened and they didn’t want to say it, right?”

Jowenka: “Exactly”.

Even the Swiss are worried that the 9/11 attacks could have been a politically motivated plot to control oil. Events post 9/11, i.e The Iraq war and Afghan war support this. Excerpted from an article in Tages Anzeiger (translated):

“Fire or blown up?

«Peter Forster, Präsident der eidgenössischen Konsultativkommission für innere Sicherheit, betont, dass es auch für die Schweiz sehr wichtig ist zu wissen, ob der «Krieg gegen den Terrorismus» ein Vorwand ist, um Energieressourcen zu erbeuten.»

Peter Forster, president of the Federal Consultative Committee on Internal Security, emphasized that even for Switzerland is very important to know whether the “war on terrorism” is a pretext in order to capture energy resources.

«Die Debatte um WTC 7 muss man im Auge behalten, unbedingt.»

The debate about WTC 7, you may need to keep an eye on, definitely.

«Aber die Lihop- und Mihop-Theorien sind sehr explosiv, das wäre ungeheuerlich.»

But the Lihop and Mihop theories are very explosive, that would be outrageous.

Lihop says some USA Government insiders knew and let it happen or helped it along. Mihop says that elements within the USA Government planned and executed events from start to finish.