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www.vipassanaforum.net Makes A Good Start

October 9th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

The meditators forum I recently launched, http://www.vipassanaforum.net/ with a good spiritual friend from America called Joe and inspired by another good spiritual friend from Sweden called Anders is making a good start.

We want a sane space in which as meditators we can delve into the issues we meet on the path and find others who can shine a light for us. We want a slowly growing Sangha which is happening already.

Five days after launch we have 20 members and today hit our 100th collective post. We have asked and answered questions from the need for retreats to being a meditator who smokes and how meditation affects sleep.

We have started building our library and resources collection with links to online meeditation texts, audio Dhamma talks and embedded youtube videos of teachings and meditation instruction.

We’re not even listed on google yet and did not exist at all one week ago yet in the last two days we have enjoyed visits from in excess of 100 individuals each day and growing. Today 27 of the 139 visitors were repeat visits and visitors loaded an average of 4 pages each when removing the site staff activities from the log which is not bad going for a new forum with relatively little content right now.

My appologies for being busy “over there” … I promise I will return here soon and write something really interesting or funny or clever.

No I can’t promise that … not everything I write meets one of those criteria. But I will write something substantial here soon.

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