What is the NHS up to?

The NHS has certainly faced many obstacles under Tory government. From real term funding cuts, the current Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy (c)Hunt fighting so-called “junior doctors” over their pay settlement, to the forced cherry-picked privatisation of services and, the (also forced) sale of NHS real estate through adoption of the Naylor Report, nobody can suggest times have been easy or good for this esteemed and venerable British institution.

Yet despite this “hostile environment” the NHS is not without it’s faults. I got myself into a fair amount of trouble taking on some giants within this giant system of interconnected entities. Maybe I’ll tell a little more of that another day. For today all I can say is I will be writing to the chairman of a certain NHS trust and things better improve, a lot, or it will get very, very messy. Two days in hospital for neck problems with no x-ray examination is not funny, nor is it in any way, acceptable “medical care”.

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